Mells daffodil festival Easter Monday 22 APril 2019

Ready Teddy Jump

How it works

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Teddy bear parachuting is back by popular request !

Register your teddy below the church tower (outside) between 10.30 and 11.15 am. Teddies will be taken (by designated persons only) up the tower at 11.15.

Make your own parachute. Teddies should be between 20 and 35cms high, with parachute and ID firmly attached. For the safety of observers they must contain no metal or hard bits, and umbrellas must not be used for parachutes.

Entry fee is £2 payable on the day (anything extra appreciated - it's all for a village causes!). There will be a prize for the longest flight, and for landing on a designated area. A certificate will be given for all competing teddies.

Safety precautions will be taken, but participation is at own risk, including onlookers.

Owner’s permission absolutely essential! Owner should be aware of risks in case teddy gets stuck on the tower or church roof (which may upset owner)

Flights will take place if there is either no wind or only a mild breeze!

Making a parachute for your teddy

You can find tips on making your parachute here:

or Google “teddy bear parachuting” for ideas./


  1. Cut out a circle from plastic or fabric or 6 fabric pieces sewn together like a pizza
  2. Attach 6 pieces of string at regular intervals around the edges – the string should be 3 times as long as the radius of the circle.
  3. Gather the strings and fix to a harness to fit teddy.

It's good to make a prototype to gauge how big the circle needs to be in relation to the size/weight of the teddy, and test from an upstairs window or by throwing into the air.  Bin liners/plastic bags seem to work well.  If made from material, the circle size is best if the radius is more than the height of the teddy – at least 1.5 times.

No metal to be included (i.e. if umbrella fabric is to be used, the metal must be removed – this is to prevent accidents to onlookers as teddy descends)

Teddy should be soft with no hard attachments which may cause harm to onlookers.

Any questions / more information, please ring Diana on 812 386

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