Mells daffodil festival Easter Monday 2 APril 2018

Field catering pitches

If you'd like to trade in the field at the Daffodil Festival, please fill in the form on this page.

The deadline is 19 January. We will review everything then and get in touch to discuss the pitch fee.

We have regular traders who come back every year, so there are limited opportunities for new pitches – we're particularly looking for offers which will add to the festival atmosphere.

Important note:  We do not provide power,  furniture or anything else – just the space. In order not to damage the field we can't accept heavy vehicles.


Websites and Facebook pages

We are happy to link to your website from ours.

If your website is a Facebook page, to make it easy for us, please give us a full URL which works, rather than just your Facebook user name.

For example:
rather than just 'mysite'.






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